Gut Panker - Good for the soul

Welcome to Gut Panker!

Gut Panker is embedded in the picturesque landscape of Holstein Switzerland, near the Baltic Sea between Lütjenburg and Schönberg. The manor complex has been owned by the Landgraves of Hessen since the 18th century. Panker is considered a pearl among the manors in Schleswig-Holstein. The magnificent manor house itself, the ground’s own chapel, the mighty gatehouse and the historic estate buildings combine to form a spacious and inviting complex surrounded by endless green meadows and paddocks.

Gut Panker is a charming and bustling village. The Landgraves of Hessen use Gut Panker as their country residence to this day. The former estate buildings accommodate several shops and a gallery, and the Hotel-Restaurant Ole Liese (the former Dorfkrug) has long been a popular country hotel and restaurant wellknown far beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein.

The unmistakeable charm of Gut Panker is reflected in its unique combination of art, culture and delight in a rural yet elegant setting.

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