Gut Panker Rapsfelder Hessenstein

Gut Panker - It's worth a visit

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This gem in our region has attracted many travellers since the early 18th and especially in the 19th century when travellers waxed lyrical about it. Throughout its history, prominent figures have always found their way to Gut Panker - a truly stately manor that combines a well-groomed estate with a farmstead and gardens, and a towering vantage point surrounded by flourishing agriculture in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea.

The history of the estate extends as far back as 500 years. The Landgraves of Hessen have owned it since 1739. The Panker Stud is one of Germany’s oldest Trakehner studs.

Gut Panker played a significant role in preserving the survival of this breed of horses after the Second World War. Only a small number had survived the flight from East Prussia where they were originally bred.

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