Panker Design

Panker Design - The Original

All wonderful beds in the Ole Liese at Gut Panker have been built by Panker Design. The Panker Design team designs them, has them built in local workshops and then paints them in Nordic pastel shades. The beds’ simple style inspired by classic Scandinavian designs combined with solid local craftsmanship brings timeless beauty to your home.

Panker Design advises its customers on how to design their homes and designs and manufactures customised furniture. Artist Mike Tegen creates all manner of mural paintings. The interior design shop at Gut Panker also offers a selection of matching home accessories.

Panker Design - The Interior Design Shop

The portfolio ranges from Sunday in Bed bedding and Italian Casagent dinnerware through fine Rotter glasses and selected products from the Italian brand Ortigia. Panker Design also exclusively sells the inspiring drypoint etchings of a North German artist.


24321 Gut Panker
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