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The Forest as the Final Resting Place

RuheForst breaks new ground with an alternative type of burial. The option of being buried in the natural surroundings of the forest presents a dignified way of saying good-bye for more and more people. A number of different areas of tranquillity, such as by trees, bushes and boulders, are offered as a final resting place.

The serenity, harmony and the ever-changing cycle of nature bring comfort to family and friends. The RuheForst at Gut Panker is near the historic manor complex. Guided tours of the forest are available at regular intervals, giving interested parties the opportunity to find out more without obligation.

For guided tour dates please see the information board at the start of the forest or the notice board at Gut Panker. For more information and material on the topic, please contact Chamber of Agriculture of Schleswig-Holstein.

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