Textile Studio Christine Schmidt

Urban Chic from the Coast

In her studio in the Haus am See, designer Christine Schmidt and her small team design and produce unique pieces for customers who love the extraordinary. Their creations are made from the best fabrics from Italy and France and plenty of silk and fine natural materials. Specially woven fabrics are used to create unique pieces on request.

This is also where the designer team’s latest emmas® label pieces are tailored, and since the 30th anniversary of the studio this also includes the men’s herman® collection, available at the stilhaus throughout the year. To make an appointment for a consultation and discuss custom-made items, please get in touch with the stilhaus either by phone or in person.

Textile Studio Christine Schmidt

24321 Gut Panker
Phone +49 4381 - 418 533
Telefax +49 4381 - 418 534